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Air Purification Systems for Commercial Kitchens
Air Purification For Commercial Kitchen Exhaust

Airclean - ATOM Specialists have a solution


Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) - solution that will save you from costly bills!
ATOM - ESP Exhaust is single-source solution provider for custom air treatment systems. We follow an integrated approach to address the design, engineering, manufacturing and support of air ventilation systems in the most demanding environments. ATOM delivers technology that will improve and bring value to your operation. Once you understand how this equipment is built and how it works, the decision is easy. Our Application Engineer will evaluate your situation and needs, then recommend an appropriate solution and discuss adaptations. You can count on ATOM to always be focused on innovative engineering, superior performance, ease of installation and unparalleled equipment reliability.

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Airclean - Construction Features

ATOM provides enhanced unit construction as a standard to better withstand more rigorous equipment demands. Our higher integrity casing system promotes reduced leakage for more efficient unit performance. Our welders are able to do dedicated piece of equipment. Our programmed and automatic metal processing operations increase quality and strength of the cabinet. ATOM utilizes industrial components to provide longer more reliable product life. Premium efficiency componentry promotes reduced operating costs. Our units are constructed with the following base features:
  • High efficiency filtration
  • High static insulators design
  • Safety switches and safety voltage control
  • Designed & built for serviceability…electrical & mechanical
  • Easier maintenance design
  • Different power supply options
Model variations
ATOM has six standard models (here) for ESP Exhaust that usually has in stock and are able to be shipped quickly. We also design and manufacture a lot of tailor-made solutions where models are combined to meet specific requirements, like:
  • Space limitations
  • Higher efficiency performance
  • Outside installations
  • Reduce pressure drop performance
  • Difficult access operations
  • Fire Code Safety

Please let our engineer evaluate your situation and suggest you possible options to address those issues, and work on solution for your specific application (leave a message).

Airclean - Maintenance Features

Each application has specific issues at maintenance, that is why it is important that maintenance was considered in design stage. Undersizing equipment usually lead to more frequent and expensive maintenance. Smaller equipment also doesn’t has capacity to adjust to changing environment of operation. ATOM equipment is able to signal when it need maintenance and service. The operation is easy, the collection cells have to be taken out, cleaned and placed back. The housing also have to be cleaned periodically. In case owner doesn’t want to do it himself, we have network of service teams in different countries that are able to provide maintenance service. ATOM also provides ESP Cleaning Tank, which use resonance technology provide efficient cleaning for ESP components. We have an efficient method to deal with issues when they happen, with fast supply of spare parts and needed replacements. ATOM's equipment is designed for ease of component maintenance and replacement.
Design & Functionality Features
ATOM's equipment is designed exactly to meet specific needs, that is why the initial questionnaire is important element for us to be able to design right solutions. When our application engineer will get a chance to work on your air system, than ATOM equipment design and layout is fine tuned to meet specific requirements and ensure optimum, reliable performance.

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